Long-term, growth capital for private companies.

Arbor Capital is an investment firm focused on private equity, growth equity and venture capital investing within the technology industry globally.

Our Philosophy

We are passionate long-term thinkers who believe patient capital deployed into private markets, particularly in technology and growth businesses, will deliver superior returns.

Internet and digital technology is woven into the fabric of global commerce. While we have seen tremendous growth in the technology sector over the past 20 years, there remains vast areas where the application of technology, and its resulting growth, is yet to be realised.

Private Companies​

We favour investing in private companies for the informational and operational advantages. We can secure thorough information rights, access and input with management, and more influence over strategy and governance.

Growth Businesses​

Companies with a focus on growth, particularly those leveraging technology, often have a competitive advantage against industry peers. These companies provide patient investors strong return opportunities throughout market cycles.

Long-term Thinking​

Through patient, strategic thinking we invest through cycles and seize opportunities when others are facing restricted choices due to arbitrary liquidity targets, often misaligned with growth trajectory.

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