Our Philosophy

Arbor Capital is an investment firm focussed on providing patient capital to private, growth-focussed business with a long-term horizon.

Private Companies

More influence. Operational and informational advantages. Superior returns.

Growth Businesses

Leveraging technology to create value.

Long-Term Thinking

Strategic thinking over the long-term to take advantage of cycles.

our philosophy

The Arbor
Group Advantage

We are part of the Arbor Group of companies, a financial services group supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs accelerate their growth. Through this platform we have the financial infrastructure, operational and strategic capabilities to add value to our investments.

Arbor Group


Arbor Capital Partners is a growth-focussed private equity firm focussed on technology, software, internet and digital businesses. We are patient, long-term investors who add value through the operational platform of the Arbor Group, centred around our competencies of financial infrastructure and growth systems.

Often we provide high-growth companies with a non-binary alternative to venture capital. We look for bootstrapped / self-funded, capital efficient companies that seek to grow profitably over a long time horizon.

We believe returns are driven by:

  • Long-term, strategic thinking
  • Active ownership
  • Strong corporate governance

Our principles and approach:

  • Lead investor
  • Capital Efficiency
  • Post-product market fit
  • Capture returns pre-inflection point, and hyper growth
  • World class founding team
  • +10% ownership target
  • Concentrated portfolio to maximise active ownership

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